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SGAN Advantage

SGAN (Singapore Angel Network Pte. Ltd) is the angel investment arm of the multi-billion dollar Thakral Group of Companies, Singapore. As an entrepreneur, partnering with SGAN will not only provide you capital, but will also grant immediate access to the Group's network and the Group's unmatched management expertise. Often our investee companies discover synergies with other businesses simply because of the vast linkages that SGAN can provide. Learn more...

Our Investment Vision

SGAN is generally an angel investment vehicle although there have been instances when we have entered at later stage in a startup's financing life cycle. For companies that align with our vision, we provide early stage capital and are open to participating in follow-on rounds, especially in situations where we can add more than just monetary value. As a company, we prefer to be industry agnostic i.e. we do not align to just a specific sector and have invested in businesses across various industries and countries.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio consists of over eighty investments in companies across the entire economic spectrum. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for investment and our objective is to partner with innovative startups who have a desire to create globally successful companies. Currently, our portfolio consists of companies situated in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and the United States of America. These are a few of our investments, click here for a complete list of our portfolio.